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Hi, I'm Andy Padniewski

Your internet buddy

I can increase online salesI do design websites

Hi, I'm Andy

And I’m here to help with the way your website interacts with the Internet. I am an SEO Expert  this means that through my knowledge of coding and designing, I am able to transfer more visitors to your website by implementing changes that some developers and designers would neglect to include.

Feel free to browse my porfolio of projects that have helped clients such as yourself fulfill their website exposure potential. If you would like to collaborate then please navigate to the contact page where you will find all of my information. Have a good day!

I do increase online sales

I am proud of the fact that I have become a better SEO than I ever thought I could be. By following examples set by more experienced colleagues in this field, I am now able to make online sales more effective. This is in no small part down to my personal development of UQ, SEO and SEM Skills.

For example, in the space of six months, I was able to help this restaurant website increase the number of website visitors by 54.3%! , and of these new visitors, 12.8% made new table reservations. This was achieved by word analysis in organic long tail keyword phrases inputted via search engines.

A further example would be for this laboratory. I have helped to increase sales by 121%! , achieved by good quality marketing and a complete rebuild of their website, thus making it more user-friendly. The website had a visitor increase of 141%, this is due to high-quality links via chemical forums and helped improve sale conversions by 2.1%, having UU at 121%, of which 88% were new visitors.

Looking for some tips and tricks?

No problem, I am here to help. Below are a few things that may help to increase your online website visibility.

  • You got website? Check your visibility now! 80%

If you have a website, the best way to check its SEO visibility is to use this Google Insights tool. Remember: try to keep your desktop score above 80. This means, that your website will be well optimized for further SEO actions.

  • Have you ordered an SEO campaign, check how they are doing! 70%

Remember, even the best website optimization cannot replace good quality links. Use this Open Link Profiter tool to check how your SEO agency is doing their work. Remember: good links can provide you with 70 percent of the SEO campaign value.

  • Do you need quick SEO audit? 30%

Use this SEOptimer tool to check suggested improvements to your website. Just remember, there are important issues (like headers), and issues that are almost not relevant (like a number of Facebook fans). Do not fire your employer if this audit is not great in every area.

Without a further ado, I highly recommend. Such a great job has been done for my company. We significantly increased our online orders and improved our position at the market. Andy is a very friendly person who is always ready to help, even after a year.

Grzegorz Piechota, Ph. D.


Mr. Padniewski has been responsible for the entire promotion Chocianow municipalities. […] He is extremely loyal, often uncompromising, but only when he is convinced of the correctness of his suggestion.

Franciszek Skibicki

Town mayor, Chocianow City Council

For one season we were consistently building a new image of our club based on campaign prepared by Andrew. As a result, media started to publish more positive articles, and audience on stadium increased by 63 percent in only half a year.

Piotr Korczak

General manager, FC Polkowice

Andrew has been cooperating with me during one of my projects. He is a truly creative person with lots of ideas. Great in preventing future problems and taking hard and effective actions as simple as possible.

Maciej Wydrzynski

7th term deputy of Polish Parliament

I design websites

Since the beginning of this venture through to the present day, I am proud of the fact that I have received nothing but positive feedback about my work. For example, I have just completed this project. I hope this proves that I am a more than competent at the art web design, whilst also helping to prove that I consider the best practice whilst developing. A further example is this site,. please feel free to have a browse.

If you would like to go to Google Insights, please, follow that link. This website has a score of 87/100, meaning that Google Crawlers are really pleased with this.

My latest projects online shop selling everyday optimized diets

fitmenuHaving 87/100 Google Insights score site was designed for organic searches reaching 48.9% acquisition from that source.

more… ecommerce website with parts for trucks

Mostly SEO actions going to lead 73% increase in sales after first three months of our collaboration.


more… Polish Foundation www

centrum pomocy polakomGreat website with news feed auto-publishing in Social Media.


more… painter portfolio with online shop

Olga Langowska porfolio with e-commerce solutions.



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