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VS Truck

Parts for trucks

Client: Andy Stachowiak


Year: 2017

About this project

So, what have I done? 

Changing CMS and cutting out costs

The company was using PrestaShop CMS for his old website. Unfortunately, if the system is not too bad, a company that provided that to him wanted him to pay for every single change. Otherwise VS Truck needed to bear the cost using this system annually. Change for WooCommerce let my customer overtake the control of his website. During the training for VS Truck employs they learned, how to add products, pages, manage prices etc.

We worked on SEO

I had implemented some SEO actions which leads us to increase sales on a website. Website has got a medium size background and it does have a many backlinks leading to this page.

Interesting solution

When you placing an order for some products, you receive a discount for bigger orders. Check this out here (link to test product) – while ordering 10 you can receive 10% discount, 20 items means 20%. It’s cool, isn’t it? That was the first time I implemented  this kind of solution.

On the right, there are few website screens.